Trex 500 swashplate set up tool
The Trex 500 Swashplate set up tool fits between the upper bearing block and the
swashplate to insure the swashplate is in the EXACT mid range of travel and the
swashplate is level.  Each swashplate set up tool is CNC machine insuring it accuracy!!
This is an absolute must have tool to insure your set up is accurate from the beginning.
Also, use this tool to set the swashplate and linkages in the same place after a crash to
rapidly restore your previous set up!!!

Avaialble now at your local hobby shop. They don't have it? Check my
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them in stock!

Trex 500 Swashplate set up tool  FMP1180      $11.95
Fortune Model Products,LLC
7610 Broken Hickory Dr
Walls, Ms 38680
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How to assemble and use
Congratulations! You’ve just purchased one of the most helpful tools in setting up model
helicopters. This tool is essential for the best setup no matter what type flying you enjoy, contest or
3D. Use the swashplate setup tool to setup multiple helicopters for contest flying so they all have
the same feel in flight or to quickly restore your previous setup after a crash so your learning curve
is not effected.

Swashplate setup tool assembly instructions:

1-Install screw through hole in the curved end and thread into center spacer. Tighten screw until the
swashplate setup tool side plate will move with only light pressure, but will still remain in place. It’s
important the side plates are not too tight to prevent them from moving with light pressure. Its better
that the side plates are a little loose, than a little tight.

2-Repeat for the other side.

3-Place swashplate setup tool between upper bearing block and swashplate. Lightly press
swashplate down on to swashplate setup tool to insure the swashplate is level.

4-With collective stick at mid point (50%) center all servos and adjust linkages until servo arms, bell
cranks, washout arms and bell mixers are level. Adjust main blade pitch to read zero degrees. At
this point, it’s helpful to set both pushrods to servos, bell cranks, washout arms and bell mixers to
the same length. This is greatly aided with the “Ultimate pushrod measuring tool”, FMP1093.

Save this setup in your radio as heli type setup, ie. “Trex500 setup”. Copy this program to another
program in your radio and change name to “Trex500 flying”.

Now, make all your changes to your flying setup, such as pitch curves, special mixes, ECT. If you
should crash, you can go back to your “Trex500 setup” program and insert the swashplate setup
tool and adjust linkages as described in step 4. Once complete, go back to your flying program, i.e.
“Trex500 flying” and you’ll have the same setup as before your crash. This is also very helpful when
setting up another heli of the same type or assisting another flier with the same setup.